Stem + glory

A passion for clean, healthy and delicious plant based food, and a desire to win hearts and minds to the vegan movement not by propaganda, but by irresistibly delicious plant based alternatives, built traction through the earliest incarnations of a members cafe at first CAMYOGA central, and then at CAMYOGA Shelford. A happy stroke of luck in 2016 bought CAMYOGA to Cambridge Mitcham's corner with enough space for a full restaurant operation, and so the Stem + Glory name and concept was born. CAMYOGA founder, Louise, a long term vegan, and a vegetarian for more than 30 years, had been rolling the idea of a vegan establishment round in her mind for a long, long time. More info.

The Wandering Yak

The Wandering Yak is an award-winning street food truck in Cambridge with a focus on serious flavour delivered using fresh and vibrant ingredients.

We do streetfood - and fast food - differently, going (far) beyond meat in a bun. We believe that fast food shouldn't be a compromise and food that's good for you doesn't mean missing out - whatsoever.

Inspired by the flavours of the Middle East and India, we bring our plant, grain, herb and spice focused streetfood to the streets of Cambridge, where even hardened burger-lovers stand in line for their lunch. More info.


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